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February 1, 2021

How to Choose the Financial Planner for You

Your relationship with your financial planner is like any other meaningful relationship in your life: trust, respect, and security are huge components of a strong foundation. After all, you are entrusting them with managing your family’s finances, and you want to be certain your financial advisor in Mount Pleasant is doing their very best to help you meet your goals.

When searching for the right Financial Planner, there are a few traits you should look for: communication skills, frequent and clear updates, credibility, knowledge, and ethical behavior.  

An ideal Financial Planner shows a genuine interest in you and your financial needs, rather than seeing you as an opportunity to earn big commissions for themselves. Discomfort during an initial meeting with a financial advisor isn’t something you should ignore–usually it indicates a particular advisor or organization isn’t the right fit for you.

Like any service oriented professional, choosing a Financial Planner who is willing to listen to and understand your needs, goals, and priorities is an absolute must. In the same vein, your Financial Planner should spend time to make sure you understand their instructions and advice. The world of finance and investing is a complex one with plenty of intricacies, unique concepts, and terms, and your financial advisor should be willing to educate you on the “why” behind the “what.” As with any other important relationship, open and easy communication will ensure you are on the same page and can make sound decisions together.  

As life changes, your needs, goals and priorities will probably change as well. These changes naturally necessitate updates to your financial plan, which means your financial planner should check in on you regularly and should be ready to meet with you as needed/requested. The last thing you want is a Financial Planner who is hard to connect with, is reluctant to spend time with you, or resists efforts to adjust your financial plans based on your changing needs. Your money should be serving you in the best way possible, and it’s the responsibility of your financial advisor to help you adapt your investments and other strategies to do that.

Last but definitely not least, find a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP). This is a great way to vet the credibility of the financial advisor with whom you are considering a partnership. The CFP Board requires Certified Financial Planners™ to meet a number of education requirements, ethics requirements, and pass a comprehensive exam. Once certified, the Board requires completion of ongoing education credits each year. When you choose to work with a Certified Financial Planner™, you can rest assured your money is in honest, skilled hands.

At Twenty Fifty Capital, we have spent years building the kind of reputation families look for when choosing a financial advisor in Mount Pleasant. Our clients know they can reach us at any time, ask us any question about their money, and get the answers they’re looking for. We’re very proud of the strong relationships we’ve forged with our clients, and we highly value every opportunity we have to make a new one.

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